Monday, 16 February 2015

Design Vision page

The theme for February on The Documented Life Site remains: Layers you will love. Knowing that, I made a start on the page(s) for this week by for once working in the Dylusions journal that most people are using for the project this year. Thus far I have made my page the size to fit into my planner.  I suddenly had a desire to work larger and as you can see I made a spread, which amounts to 16" wide in total by 11" high. I knew layers were the order of this month so without knowing more I started to make some layers using Stencilgirl stencils and a variety of acrylic paints in colours that grabbed my attention when I looked at my paint drawer.
Then on Saturday I learned that the art challenge for this week was: Cover up good stuff, and the Journalling Prompt: Going Undercover. Well, to be honest, every time I put on a new layer of painting and stencilling I fear that I have covered up the previous layer that I liked. At other times, I'm quite happy to cover up something that didn't work as well as I had hoped. The secret is to keep on going past those stages and eventually you arrive at what will be the end of the layering. Don't ask me how I know! It's an intuitive feeling that tells me to stop right there.
When that point arrived I knew I wanted some eyes. Partly to echo all the circular shapes I had already been using and partly to keep in tune with the Going Undercover prompt. The eyes were cut out of a magazine.
And once the eyes were in position I had already grabbed the Design Vision text from my box of cut out words that might come in handy one day. This was the time that that was the case for these words. After all the elements were in place I proceeded to outline with markers and watercolour brushes as well as watercolour pastels and a sparkly pink pen.
As always there are parts of the spread that I really love. Little details that somehow end up being extra special (at least in my eyes) such as the second picture from the top in this blog. Fortunately I can isolate it, import the detail into my computer and start playing with it and even transfer it onto fabric and use it again in my art. So even when a piece is entirely on paper with no stitching element involved I'm still thinking about how to use it on fabric. All my art in the end only leads to one place!

Of course this spread was far to large to fit into my planner, so I printed the image out to size (of my planner) onto sturdy paper and tipped that into my 2015 Garden Diary. Two birds with one piece of art!


June Walker said...

Loving the colours.

peggy gatto said...

Great idea about sizing, sometimes working large inspires!!! I love how you go back and discover areas and enhance , great colors.
I joined this project because I saw your post in jan. and am so glad I did!


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