Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Having fun with the gelli plate

I should really have said plates in the title as a friend came over this morning to be introduced to gelli plate printing, so I had two plates out as well as a selection of papers and fabric. My papers were cut to exact sizes as they will be used to produce another folding book. It was fun seeing how someone else uses colours and as a result I even tried to be a bit more subdued in my colour usage too. But it's very difficult to go against your own nature and very soon I grabbed the brightest acrylics again. You can see stacks of the resulting papers above and below.
We used a lot of different mark making tools such as stamps, stencils (almost all from Stencilgirl) as well as Catalyst tools, old thread spools, top of bottles etc.
Both of us were very much into circles!
Beneath an example of one of my more subtle colour schemes and I have to say I do like what I have produced here.
But the best page of the session was this final one below.The colours just sing and it has ended up a wonderful mix of different patterns.
It was a very successful morning. I have the feeling that someone might well invest in a gelli plate very soon and we made an amazing amount of pages and fabric in a very short amount of time. That's what I love most about this method of printing.


Jewels said...

These are just awesome Frieda - I have to admit I have not been so successful with my geli plate prints but I think I just need to do it more often....

Pamela Gerard said...

Those papers are beautiful. Do you show step-by-step how you get some of those effects? I'd like to come over and gelli print with you!

Leslie said...

I swear a gelli plate is *the* most fun you can have with your art supplies. So much great output in a fairly short time. So many uses for the finished prints. Fun alone and even more fun with friends.
Your prints are great! Love how many patterns and colors each one has. Mine are a bit more subdued so must try to mix things up more next time.

Linda Kunsman said...

Fabulous prints-and what fun to play with a friend too! I know exactly what you mean about choosing colors-I can't help but go for lots of vibrant paints:) I've been pretty good about using my papers so I'm about due to make a day of printing again too.

Evergreen Mo said...

have just discovered your blog. Love the colours you use. Wonderfully cheering an a grey day. I also enjoy using a gelli plate. You certainly made super use of your day

Anonymous said...

gorgeous prints. Did you use fabric paint or just regular acrylic paints for printing on fabric??


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