Monday, 9 February 2015


The first challenge for February was announced on The Documented Life 2015 (DLP15) site on Saturday. It started with the February theme: Layers you will love, continued with our art challenge: When not to stop, and finished with the Journal Prompt: Don't stop till you get enough.

What fun, and by wonderful coincidence I had on my desk the book Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley and there on page 72 was a project about Layering Method. So what better place to start. I worked on a piece of watercolour paper that fits into my planner (sized 7.1/4 x 8") and started following Dina's instructions. Of course I used my own choice of  colours and stencils and those last are all from Stencilgirl. I used three different ones: the Mod Ovals and Circles, the Corrogated Lines,  and one of the stencils I received as part of the Stencilgirl Club for January 2015. You can only get this if you are part of the club. All those large circles come from that one. It's one of my favourites!
So I layered away to my heart's content, and eventually left Dina's book behind while I followed my own path (never getting to her last page or in fact realizing there was another page in the book!). I had been stamping on a painted page to test out my stamps for another project. I liked one of them seen above and added it. This stamp was one I had made for myself many years ago, and it's one of my Go To quotations (by Ralph Waldo Ellison).  I also added some of my own handwriting stating: I am enough. A life motto of which I am still trying to convince myself.
Vintage text from a French book dating to the late 18th Century also found it's way into the mix as you can see above.
The last step was outlining with a variety of red, white and black markers, one of which (the red one) sparkles. Sadly you will have to imagine that for yourself as the camera is unable to show this.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love reading the details of your journey with this theme. I could relate as just this morning I started with the blipfoto mono monday theme straight on and then something else got added and I went off on another tangent combining the two. I think for you, like me, we just need a spark of an idea to get us started and then off we go on our own path :0))

peggy gatto said...

I love seeing how each artist is so unique!
Thanks for sharing!

Linda Kunsman said...

Fantastic journal spread! I love how the colors and shapes move your eye around the pages.


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