Sunday, 8 February 2015

Snow in Dawyck

Dawyck Botanical Garden is open again, since the first of the month, and we went there today for a walk. Like us there is still plenty of snow to be seen in the gardens itself as well as the surrounding area but it was good to be back. Sadly the promised blue skies vanishes by the afternoon but there was still plenty of colour.
 In the distance the snowy hills stood guard.
 And it looked like the snow in the garden of Dawyck House was entirely undisturbed.
 Thousands of snowdrops were to be seen although not yet in full flower.
 And this still life of pillar, overgrown wall and pine cones caught my attention just as we were leaving.
The best pictures though were the ones I took on the way home again. The surrounding hills were still speckled with snow and low hanging clouds engulfed some of the summits.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

just can't believe how snowy it is for you . . . the photos are beautiful. Love the snow drops!!

Deb said...

Love the picture of the pillar, wall and pine cones. I have so many pictures of moss-covered trees, walls, stones from our trip to Scotland .

Jealous that you can walk in gardens in February - here in the Northeastern US, we are buried in snow. Your pictures were a welcome change of scenery!

Linda Kunsman said...

I am amazed at the lush greenery amongst the snow and mountains in winter-so beautiful!


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