Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Big Skies

En route to visiting a friend I drove through the little lanes here in the Scottish Borders and enjoyed seeing the big skies today, filled with huge white clouds against that beautiful blue. Fortunately I had given myself plenty of time so I took the opportunity to stop at various lay-bys and take pictures.
It's sometimes easy to get blasé  about the beautiful surroundings we live in but I try to never take them for granted and this little lane is one of my favourites. Even the tree felling doesn't distract from it's loveliness.
It was great to have a chat with a like-minded artist and I came away with some of her glorious hand-dyed fabrics. Sadly no dying any more here at home with our septic tank but what a great excuse to indulge! And I did so with abandon. You can too as she sells these beautiful fabrics online in her Etsy shop. You can find it here. 

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