Monday, 23 March 2015

Focus on Flowers

The Documented Life Project 2015 is still using the March theme: Doodles and Mark Making. Our Art Challenge for this week is: as a focal point, and the Journalling Prompt: Coming into Focus. That initially made me think of featuring my camera but I have done that before so instead I directed my attention to a beautiful piece of wrapping paper that was used around a gift of gorgeous fabrics I received this Saturday. The wrapping paper had colourful owls on one side and equally lovely flowers on the other. The flowers toned in beautifully with a gelli plate printed paper I had made recently.
So I cut out and collaged the flowers on the page and then made a focal point by doodling a flower on a piece of vintage paper and colouring it in and glueing it on the page. I did some more doodling and outlining with white, black and purple markers as you can see on the detailed pictures.
 Black/white washi tape was added too, as well as a butterfly postage stamp shown above. 
For once I have veered away from my preferred hot colour schemes and as a result this is a very restful page that I will enjoy looking at this week in my planner, where I have now tipped it in. The page is sized to match the planner at 7.1/4" x 8".

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Linda Kunsman said...

A really lovely change of color palette dear Frieda!


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