Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Trouble Page

I rather rushed our latest Life Book 2015 class and I really should have looked at all the videos before starting work as I would have preferred to use all vintage papers, rather than contemporary bits and pieces from magazines. But it is what it is and in the end not much of the original collaged background is visible so no worries. This lesson was by Jane Davenport and is called "Drawing on the Inner and Outer World". As per usual, this is a paid for online class so I won't be giving away any information about techniques and the like, due to copyright restrictions. 

It must be said that my inner world looks rather riotous and colourful (which is perhaps only too true a reflection!) and this poor woman's arm is rather foreshortened, but then the rest of her body is hardly realistic so I'm letting that go too.

It wasn't till I was finished that I noticed the word Trouble above her forehead but it suits her well, as well as reflecting the conditions that prevailed while making this page. I would like to think that I could have done this rather better but I know my inner world well enough to realize that it is highly unlikely that I will produce an improved version any time soon. So here she is: a bundle of trouble.

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Linda Kunsman said...

she's wonderful Frieda-and I say a little bit of trouble can be SO much fun now and then:):)


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