Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Layers of Your Heart

Our latest lesson for Life Book 2015 was called Layers of the Heart and it's by the organizer of Life Book herself: Tamara Laporte. It involved making 7 separate hearts and decorating them in various ways, putting them together using a brad so that they can fan out together.
And then to make a page with a pocket to fit them in. You can see my hearts spread out above. I added beloved quotations on most of my hearts as a way to have them all in one place. All the pages we are making for Life Book 2015 will be put together into one Life Book at the end of the year.
The heart top right was entirely decotated with washi tape, and what you can see here was originally the back of the heart, while the front was simply straight lines of washi tape. But when it was done I loved the back a lot better so it was promoted!
I used my own handwriting on all the hearts as well as on the pocket as I need to get over my aversion of doing so. Like most people I'm not mad about how my handwriting looks but I'm working on it. I used another quotation at the top of the pocket. It's a Zen saying and reads: " If you do the work that you do from a loving heart, then you will always be able to make something beautiful".


Lynette (NZ) said...

Love your hearts and your joyful sunny page pocket to keep them in. Lots of wonderful inspiration here - can't wait to get onto this project.

peggy gatto said...

So much to see, details are so lovely!

Linda Kunsman said...

love all your hearts-especially the washi tape one!


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