Thursday, 5 March 2015

Published in Popular Patchwork

It was a wonderful treat to open the April 2015 issue of the Popular Patchwork magazine and see a review of my 52 Journals exhibition in there, written by Gillian Cooper. You can find it on page 23. Gillian and I have know each other for quite some time now and we had a great discussion about my work and the exhibition when she came over to visit it in Peebles, and before that at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show (sadly now no longer!)  where the work was originally shown in 2013. The picture you see of me in the article was taken there.
She is one of the few people I know, who is as enthousiastic about textile art and everything related to it as I am and it's always a pure pleasure to talk to her about it. She "gets" it! Not an expression I'm that keen on but I can't think of a better way to describe it. It was also very interesting to see which journal quilts she had selected to picture in the article. Even at the exhibition itself I was so fascinated to see which people liked which journal quilts. It varied it amazingly from visitor to visitor. It is a very thoughtful article and although it may seem strange, it gives me more insight into my own art.

So a big thank you is due to Gillian and also to Popular Patchword for featuring it so beautifully! THANKS!


Sue Marrazzo said...


peggy gatto said...

Say, I know you!!!

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Frieda - that's really lovely - it's so nice to know if an article works. Great to be able to write about such beautiful work.

Jewels said...

How Wonderful Frieda!

Linda Kunsman said...

I often think of how honored I am to have numerous pieces of art made by you, and I keep rotating them on my shelves. Congrats on well deserved recognition-again!


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