Friday, 8 May 2015

A Sunshine Day

I was an unexpectedly sunny day. I say unexpectedly as I have been avoiding all news programmes in the last few days just in case the desire to throw something at our television overcame me, and thus missed the weather forecasts too. So it was a lovely surprise to see all that sunshine first thing this morning and I went out with the camera to capture some flowers in the garden, starting with the tulips.

And then I spotted the very first Sealand Gem clematis flower in the greenhouse.

And these lovely red beauties in one of our rockery tubs.

I then decided this was the day to move all my painting paraphernalia into the shed for the summer. It's quite a job but very satisfying when done as I enjoy painting and making a mess there much more than in the house. I don't have to worry about paint splashing on the ground or anywhere else for that matter. It also means I get a close look at all my supplies which is always inspirational and tempts me to a painting and gelli plate session.


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