Sunday, 7 June 2015

Baddinsgill Garden

We were far from sure if visiting a garden this afternoon was a good option. It was very windy outside and although the sun appeared occasionally there was also some rain and it was quite cold. In fact as we were driving towards nearby Baddinsgill Garden raindrops appeared on the windscreen. But we persevered. The pictures are very deceptive as you could imagine it was a fine summer's afternoon. It wasn't but at least part of the garden (more an estate really) is quite sheltered and in the sunshine you could imagine high summer had arrived (I wish!). Due to our strange weather this spring,  the rhododendrons for the most part aren't out yet, but on the plus side the bluebells were at their very best.
 The lawn looked immaculate and the enormous sycamore tree is the oldest tree on the estate.
 We have visited this garden several times before but I always discover new delights.
 These primulas looked lovely and were very tall.
 Sadly there were no ducks to be seen, only their house in the centre of the pond.

 I just loved the enormous masses of blue!
 It made the whole place look super romantic.
This is the only photograph that represents the windy conditions rather well. At the end of the estate, following the green path shown on the previous picture, you can go through a gate and climb towards Baddinsgill Reservoir. Immediately the wind took hold of us once we left the shelter of the trees and the reservoir looked quite wild and choppy. We decided not to walk all the way round but instead to retreat back to the garden itself and enjoy a cup of tea.

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