Saturday, 6 June 2015

Light and Shade

I'm returning to sharing a spread from my Dylusions art journal today. As I have mentioned here previously I like sharing my art on this blog and am very relaxed about it. Most of the pages in my art journal are simply started with no preconceived ideas about what they will look like at the end or even what they are going to be about. I simply make a start and see what happens. Some however are done to work through an event or happening that I need to deal with and my art is how I handle things. This is one such spread and I wasn't at all sure that I wanted to share it here. I'm not one of those artists that invade their own privacy. The solution is simply to show it but without mentioning what led up to it. Instead I'll tell you sort of how it was made.
I say sort of, as the spread was finished on the 10th April and it is hard to remember exactly in what order things happened and what steps were taken in the process. It started with layers and layers of acrylic paints and stencilling (using some of the Stencilgirl Club stencils). Vintage images (I loved that elephant image and it toned in so well)  and maps were glued on, and then painted and stencilled over again. An envelope and photograph were glued on. I wouldn't like to call them vintage as they date from my own past, and describing them as such would make me feel so ancient! Yes, that is me by the way, on that photograph. And I used the original picture. I am slowly beginning to realize that I have so many original images and texts that I might as well use them. Life is too short for me to ever use them up. However I do scan them in first so I can always re-use them if required.
Washi tape and rubber stamping formed another layer. Text was sprayed on through a stencil and also from words cut from a magazine. I wrote on the page too.
 The final thing I added was the outlining with black and white markers and water soluble oil pastels.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think this is a beautiful spread of pages in your journal. I like seeing the b&w photo of you mixed with all the colours and words . . . I cannot tell what you might have been working through, but that doesn't matter. I feel your emotion on the pages! I can relate to the way you work - just starting and see what happens and that is so reassuring : ) So glad you shared this!

Maggi said...

This is incredible! Love that picture of you!

Linda Kunsman said...

an extraordinary page with a not so telling story to the viewer and yet all is revealed to you. I knew that had to be you in the photo, and though it may have been some years ago-NO, you are NOT vintage!


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