Thursday, 25 June 2015

Red Campion and Cow Parsley

Just up the lane a couple of minutes walk from our gate is a fantastic display of red campion and cow parsley at the moment, and today I walked up to take photographs. They are a perfect combination and this year they have both hit their best moments at the same time to form a combination of lacy loveliness.
 It's a very rich display as you can see best on the photograph below which incorporates part of the lane.
What riches, and the picture below shows another gift that came my way by simply liking Jackson's Art Supplies on Instagram. It wasn't a lie either. They are the one place here in the UK where you are almost guaranteed to find the hard to get art supplies you're looking fo,r as well as a wealth of papers and sketchbooks. They stock the whole range of Golden paints and mediums too, so it is little wonder that I often find myself on their website,specially as there are instructional videos as well.
No one was more surprised than I to win this wonderful basket full of goodies. They are all gorgeous but oh, that golden fluid acylic (seen middle bottom) is the stuff dream are made off. I can easily see that I will need to get more once this bottle is used up!

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Jo said...

I think I've seen photos of this white flower before, in the USA they call this Queen Anne's Lace, I'm sure. Lucky you, winning a bucket of art goodies! have fun with your prize. :)


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