Monday, 1 June 2015

That Lovin' Feelin' Spread

It might be June today but the theme for The Documented Life Project 2015 was set on Saturday when it was still May, so we are sticking with Touchy Feely texture. The new Art Challenge is: Textured Paper, and the Journalling Prompt: I'm so not feeling it. As you can see I decided to work in my Dylusions art journal just to give myself a larger canvas to work on. I started with a mainly green background (I know it's hard to believe looking at the end result) and stencils. For the textured paper I used flower and leaf patterned Designer Guild wallpaper which came from a sample book I have. It's difficult to tell but it's quite raised.
I also added vintage newspaper and then started stencilling on top of these layers again using a Joggles stencil (the little sprigs) and a circular one from Stencilgirl. I used quite a few pearlescent paints although it's a challenge to see this on the pictures. Then the images of the flower and the figure were added, both from magazines. While I was working away on all those layers, the theme of "feeling it" or to be precise "not feeling it" kept swirling around in my head and eventually the song lyrics of losing and then bringing back that lovin' feelin' (as per the song by the Righteous Brothers, and in my opinion even better song by Telly Savalas!), transporting me back to those heady days from long ago, swam up to my conscious mind and I added some of the text using stamping. And since then the song has been sounding on an endless loop in my head!
Then the last stage of outlining with black and white markers as well as water soluble oil pastels was added, as well as that final touch of glueing on one of my beloved butterfly stamps.


June Walker said...

Very romantic!

Linda Kunsman said...

that image is very sensuous and yet the whole page has such a romantic fairytale -like quality. Beautiful!


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