Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Secret Herb Garden

I met a friend for lunch in The Secret Herb Garden. This is a veritable plant paradise hiding on the south side of Edinburgh, not far from Ikea. You can easily imagine however that you are miles from anywhere. Inside the glass house there was a wealth of colours and as I had the camera with me I went to town with the photography. There was a riot of malva sylvestris (see above). I'm quite familiar with this one as my mother gave us some seeds.
 It was however the mauve poppies that stole the show for me. 

 Love the orange of these calendula.
 And here is a good view of just how wonderful the overall effect was, like an exquisite embroidery.

The lunch was excellent too and apart from plants there are many other tempting goods for sale. I was particularly taken with the herbal teas. The one I had with my lunch had calendula in it.

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Tessa Wyatt said...

I shall have to go and investigate the herb garden it looks fab from your photos


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