Wednesday, 1 July 2015

It's Hot

Finally the heat has reached the Scottish Borders and we are making the most of it. I'm throwing paint around, weeding and sun bathing. Wish every day could be like this!

Back outside again now for more sunshine.



Dotty said...

Its hot but murky here in Manchester! I love foxgloves- aren't they beautiful!

peggy gatto said...

oh just look at those foxgloves!!!
It looks like Monet's house.

Leslie said...

Not as hot as it is here. 105F today!

Your garden is gorgeous! Not possible to have that sort of garden here in northern California where it's windy and hot and dry. Plus we're in a drought and barely have enough water to shower, never mind keep a cottage garden going.

But it's lovely to look at yours and imagine it's mine!


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