Monday, 6 July 2015

Time waits for no Woman

Once summer arrives time seems to take on another dimension and speed up amazingly. Already it is July. Our new theme for The Documented Life Project 2015 is: Ephemera while our art challenge this week is: using old letters, tickets, maps etc. and the journalling prompt: Life.........with a history. I have more ephemera than I will be able to use up in my lifetime so it was a pleasure to dump some of them on this spread. You can hardly make them out any more but rest assured they are there. I also added lots of postage stamps as they are my most favourite ephemera.

Many stencilgirl stencils (L248, small one February 2015 Stencilgirl club and Small Mod Ovals and Circles), were used to make the background as well. Once I was happy with the layering I started to add the main focal points. It started with a vintage image of a black ship floundering just offshore. The text of the title came from leafing through the pages of a magazine (again with wonderful synchronicity) and did, of course, read originally: Time waits for no man.

The figure gave me lots of trouble. I think, in the end, she has about 15 different layers of paint on top of her but it was using the water soluble oil pastels that finally made her stand out enough for my liking, from the background. Adding the words (again from a Stencilgirl stencil, no. L258 Uplifting Words) also helped, as well as adding the heart postage stamp.

And again it wasn't till the spread was finished that I discovered quite a few messages in there, including the cigar band reading Prima Lucia, and there were other more private ones. When your work is more than you thought you made it and you find unintended details that seem to have landed in it without a conscious effort on your behalf, it feels like a very special moment. As if you discover there is more to yourself than you thought there was.
The hand written text around the figure reads: " No more time. We all have a history and that history is ongoing till time is up". I am on a continual search for my own story as there are many hidden depths to all of us. And perhaps that's what the sinking ship refers to as well. It is in my art that I occasionally get glimpses of mine.



Jewels said...

This is wonderful Frieda - so much to look at and take in. And I love how your woman turned out. Sadly I burned out a little on this and ICAD plus the windows in my studio were replaced while I was away for a couple of weeks and I just finally got everything back in place (imagine having to empty out your studio for some remodeling and them getting it all back in - hard to be creative when all your stuff is not laid out exactly how you like it lol). Hoping to rejoin all of you soon,,,

Linda Kunsman said...

this is certainly story telling art at its best Frieda! Even though a viewer may have a slightly different interpretation than your own I think it's all the more interesting to be able to get different perspectives. And besides, only YOU know the whole story:)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

outstanding post, spread and insights into your own art. I love it!!


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