Wednesday, 19 August 2015

It started so well


The sun was out in all it's glory this morning and fortunately that's when I took all these pictures. It didn't last much after lunch time but every second of sunshine counts!

Above Rosa Mundi, one of the first roses we planted in our garden and also one with the oldest history.

Campanula and yellow ligularia

Gardenia roses and yellow inula



peggy gatto said...

Love your garden

Terri said...

Hello Frieda, I am so very glad to be able to stop by and visit you today : )
Wow, it has been ages, and I have gone through about 5 of your recent posts to see how you are doing. Your gardens look so beautiful! The color is wonderful to see. I am sure you do treasure every moment of summer. Your journalling is beautiful too! I have missed visiting you and wish I could come back to blogland, but not yet.
Soon? Hope so!


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