Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Letters Journal Quilt

I'm a bit late this month but here is the latest contribution to the Journal Quilt Challenge on the Contemporary Quilt Group. They have set the size for this year as 12 x 6" and I choose to use a horizontal orientation. I also themed all my journal quilts this year to use words. For August the word I selected was LETTERS.
I gathered together all the fabrics that had writing on them and it proved to be a staggering amount! I didn't use all of them but instead selected the ones that went well togethe,r and made the background using a crazy quilt foundation piecing method. Once that was done I cut the letters out of the red words fabric using my Brother Scan'nCut machine and using Bondaweb and machine sewing appliquéd them onto the background as shown.
Then I went back to my stash, this time of real letters in wood, metal and plastic and adhered them as you can see using sewing as well as Diamond Glaze. The final step as always with my journal quilts was to add beaded embellishment by hand.


peggy gatto said...

Stunning detailed stitching and the color layout is very effective. I want to look at every part and explore.

Linda Kunsman said...

this is brilliant Frieda! I love all the patterns and lettering along with this color scheme.


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