Friday, 7 August 2015

Wildflowers and Roses

Finally a day with some sunshine and a good opportunity to take some outdoor pictures of quilts. Or so I thought. I had reckoned without the flies and the wind so maybe we will have to do that again some other day. If we get another sunny day of course! But the flowers were an easier target for the camera. Above the Veilchenblau roses.
And this is our little wildflower area where we put in a seed mat and although the weather hasn't been kind to that too it is putting on a lovely show.

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Jewels said...

Oh my Frieda - these are lovely! I am in the process of converting my front lawn area into a native plant garden but am restricted what I can plant because it is my septic bed. Can only wish it grows to be as lush and colourful as yours!


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