Thursday, 6 August 2015

Leaves Page

Continuing to play catch-up (just as well as the weather is awful),  this is the 3rd page (9 x 12") I made as a result of Flora Bowley's class on Life Book 2015.   While some classes like this one catch my attention and make me want to do more of them, others are a bit too prescriptive for me, and that's fine. I'm still hugely enjoying the classes I do do and get some handy tips and techniques from the ones for which I only watch the videos or read the PDFs. Maybe one day in the future I may do them too and the Life Book classes can all be downloaded and kept, which facilitates that possibility.
Flora's class is my favourite thus far and I can see myself going back to her Intuitive Painting technique many times. You can see my two previous pages done after watching her class video here and here. I made all three pages in one sitting in my painting shed. Working on 3 at the same time meant I could keep going while pages dried. And as a result the pages are closely related to each other. 

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peggy gatto said...

Always like to see the paint textures, Lovely


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