Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mural in Peebles

A visit to Peebles brightened up my mood as it meant leaving the phone problems behind. You might have noticed I have removed my moan from yesterday's post. I print out this blog (using Blog2Print) each year and I don't want to take up space with all that negativity. Writing it all down was enough, it didn't need to stay there! We are waiting to hear what our service provider wants to do next if anything and take it from there.

Once in Peebles I went to see the new mural in one of Peebles' little alleyways (Pennels Close) off the Main Street and it was very colourful and bright. It pictures scenes from Peebles' history.
It also celebrates the fact that the Scottish Borders now has a railway line having been without one since the Sixties. It's sadly nowhere near us, or Peebles, but further east in the Borders. I have promised myself a train journey from Edinburgh to Tweedbank (it's final destination) one of these days but for today I admired the train on the mural.

After that I visited the Fibre X Five exhibition in The Gallery at Tweeddale Museum. There is a yurt right there in the middle of the room as well as much beautiful felt art. It's still on till the 24th October. Make sure you check the opening hours (the gallery closes for lunch and isn't open on Saturday afternoon or Sunday) and note the fact that the gallery has no disabled access. It's the same gallery where I had my solo exhibition in 2011 and upstairs from where I had the 52 Journals show last year.

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