Thursday, 29 October 2015

Enchanted Midsummer Days

The title definitely doesn't refer to today's weather! I was caught out in a torrential downpour earlier.

Instead the Enchanted Midsummer Days refer to the collage shown above. I made it on the 3rd July when I was in the process of doing a series of daily collages in an A5 sized moleskine journal as part of an online class by Shelley Klammer. It involved making a collage first thing every morning for 30 days by grabbing a magazine (no shortage of those in this house!), tearing out the images that attract your attention as well as some text and putting it together. During the day you then reflect on the collage to see what it has to tell you.

I started on the 24th June and finished on 24th July and have done some more collages in a sporadic fashion since. Looking back at all of them has made me think I might give it another go soon. I'm going to show you some of the ones I like best whenever I have a spare slot in my blogging calendar.

By the way the church in the collage is located in Amalfi and I have visited there many years ago, which was what I attracted me to it's image, and the sun always gets my vote!


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peggy gatto said...

I love magazine collage! This fun!


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