Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Life Begins

Outside the world is foggy, grey and wet so what better time to return to a sunny day in July when I made this spread in my Dylusions art journal. I'm slowly featuring all the pages I made during those halcyon days of summer that I haven't blogged yet and hopefully one day I will catch up completely. The first thing I did on these pages was to add the black/white patterned tape as my journal was coming apart at the seams a bit. The next step was the same as for so many of my spreads, done with gesso and acrylic paint in colours that I fancied on that particular day. I used a variety of Stencilgirl stencils in the background, the main one being one of the July 2014 Stencilgirl Club. I also glued on pieces of a musical note themed paper napkin as well as a variety of vintage images and text.

The main focal point is formed by another Stencilgirl stencil, this time the Pretty as a Peacock face one. I spray painted it onto a vintage text page, cut it out and glued it onto the spread. I added transparent fish and butterflies (from PaperWhimsy) as well as that transparency door (sorry, no idea where that one originated!).

The texts came next. Then various images were outlined in black and white marker pens and I dripped yellow and green inks down the pages.

Like many of the spreads I did over the summer this one is an encouragement addressed to me, to take life one day at a time, to be mindful and live in the moment. Life begins in this moment, on this day, every day. The butterflies symbolize my head which is often in the clouds, while the fish are much more down to earth, being in the water. Every day offers us a new door to open into the rest of our lives. All we need to do is walk through that door and pay attention.



anna said...

Wow, so much to see! Learning lots about art journaling through you! Thank you! :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

such wise words to go with your beautiful page . . . Life begins in this moment, on this day, every day. All we need to do is pay attention xox

Linda Kunsman said...

what meaningful thoughts to go with your wonderful journal spread!

Margaret said...

love the colors


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