Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Like a Circle in a Spiral

The catch-up with my art journal goes on and I'm hoping to get to a stage where there are no more spreads in there that I haven't blogged about. There is still some way to go. These pages were made on the 11th June. They were inspired by the lyrics of The Windmill of Your Mind song. I was quite surprised that it came out way back in 1969! I can remember doing my homework accompanied by this music. Perhaps this is the origin of my love for circles and spirals.
I started with a painted and stencilled background onto which deli paper was collaged. The stencil I used is from Balzer Designs. Rubber stamps were added (from Art to the 5th). After the background was made I used circles in a variety of sizes as masks and blackened in the background. The circles were then outlined with a white marker, and I stamped around their perimeter using another stamp from the same Art to the 5th rubber stamp sheet.
 A silver pen was used to write some of the lyrics of the song around the edges of the circles. 
The song was, and still is, a great favourite of mine and it was going around my head at the time this spread was made as so much was whirling around in my own head. Putting it on the page helped remove some of it from there.


Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the circles = )

Lenna Young Andrews said...

my deli paper is on it's way - thank you so much for the tip!!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a fabulous representation of the song Frieda!


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