Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Deep in the Dark Forest

Instead of the usual dog walk Rueben and I ventured into the deep, dark woods this morning on the hunt for Fly Agaric, also knows as Amanita Muscaria and we found plenty. There are no official paths in this part of the forest, but plenty of drainage ditches that make navigating through a bit easier although in wet times this is not advisable! Unless you're wearing knee high wellies. Fortunately it has been mainly dry for a long time now so there was not that much standing water about. 
The wealth of mushrooms in view made the excursion worthwhile even though photographing in what is almost total darkness is not easy and for once I had to use my flash. It makes the mushrooms look a little bit spooky but in reality they were ghostly and mysterious, looming out of the gloom.

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Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Good morning,

I didn't go to the forest but would love if you take a look at the piece of mine "Lake in the forest" on my blog:
While looking at your pictures I thought - oh, so we were in the same forest :)



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