Monday, 11 January 2016

Be Brave

Already we have received our second prompt from Colour Me Positive, a year long challenge that is entirely free and provides the participants with a prompt as well as a challenge for every week of 2016. Our prompt was: Be Brave, and the art challenge: to use a silhouette.

Because my word of the year for 2015 was COURAGEOUS I have acquired many rubber stamps with courage related words that came in very handy for this spread in my large Dylusions journal. Despite the fact that this is only my 2nd spread in this journal I already had to do some repair work. Last year I filled up a similar journal without any remedial work at all. Anyway, I had added some strong tape which as it happened had the images of bird cages on it. This made me think of escaping from the cage in which we very often lock ourselves and that led to the entire spread.

The background was made using acrylics and stencils from Stencilgirl. I used S232 Inky Circles,  the large stencil from March 2014 Stencilgirl Club and the large Cornish Petals one. The rubber stamped quotations were added and the daisy images (from paper napkins).

I added the silhouette by cutting out a face from a fashion magazine, gluing it on and painting it black, leaving the eye, and the lips exposed. The bird (from an old Flow magazine) was glued on as shown. Some vintage text about courage and bravery(from an old dictionary) was added as well as a postage stamp featuring a lion (a symbol of courage). Finally some outlining was done with white and black markers and I added the quotation: "Creativity takes Courage" from Henri Matisse.


peggy gatto said...

You really are a master of combining mixed media! You really do inspire!

June Walker said...



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