Sunday, 10 January 2016

Focus on Wanderlust

You may have noticed in the sidebar that I'm also participating in the Wanderlust 2016 series of classes this year. I know that I won't be able to do everything I have signed up for all the time, but this year I will simply dip in and out of the classes and do the lessons I fancy. I have set myself the challenge to work in different sizes of art journal though over the year: a huge vintage ledger, the A4 Dylusions art journal, their 8 x 8" journal, and now this dainty little model sized 5 x 7". Large is always easier for me. I still remember how hard I found to downsize when I first started making A4 journal quilts as opposed to kingsize quilts. This journal which I'm keeping for the Wanderlust classes is the Finnabair Vintage Vanity art journal and I will have to get used to those rings in the middle.

There won't be much said here about how I made the spread as Wanderlust is a paid for online class based in Great Britain so you can go and find out for yourself by signing up here. I dedicated my pages to my word for the year 2016: FOCUS.

I added some suitable quotations as you can see, and the added embellishments are grungeboard from Rangers designed by Tim Holtz.

This quote is a favourite.


By the way if you're wondering why there hasn't been a journal quilt on show here this year, the reason is that the Contemporary Quilt Group haven't announced their challenge yet . I'm waiting to see what they are doing before deciding if I want to sign up. I have an idea in my head of what I want to do and if that isn't possible under their guidelines I will carry on and do my own thing.


Also for those who have wondered if I have given up on stitching completely: no, on the contrary, I have been stitching like mad. It's a large piece and after a day's solid quilting I sometimes look at it and it doesn't appear any progress has been made. There is still some way to go! So don't panic (I mean to say that to myself more than to anyone else!). I'm staying focussed.


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Linda Kunsman said...

sounds like a fabulous class Frieda (I did look at the link)! However, I am determined not to sign up for anything else until I get thru the three classes I already committed to:)Super pages displaying your word for this year!


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