Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Going around in Circles

I'm slowly continuing to work the lessons of the Novel Approach online class by Tammy Garcia in my large vintage ledger journal. As it's a class I won't mention much about how I made it. I love the class as all the lessons are there and you can work at your own pace, dipping into them randomly. If you're interested, join in!
 However it started life as a collage of text and magery.
And then got covered in paint apart from some selected areas. I used raw umber and two different blue paints.
I added the stick-on letters. The words Going around in Circles were also the title of the first quilt class I taught after my very first large quilt Water Rings won the Scottish Quilt Championships back in 1998. Circles have been an ongoing theme in my work ever since. The quilt doesn't get an outing often now that I no longer teach but it remains one of my own favourites even though, had I made it now, I would have added more quilting and beads. Here it is:

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