Thursday, 21 January 2016

We only have Moments

I made my second spread for Wanderlust 2016 in this little (5 x 7") Vintage Vanity Art Journal and will admit I don't like it any better than the first time I worked in it. But I'm going to persevere! I should get to grips with working small. I do have another problem with the journal though; some material such as inks leak through to the next page. I only primed these pages with matte medium while glueing on the vintage text you can just see in the background. That didn't prove enough and in future all pages will be gessoed before I start!
Our prompt was: "What I really want is....". I know I have used time before as one of my fervent wishes, as in: I want more time! No reason not to go with that theme again. After glueing on the vintage paper I added a variety of paints and inks, and followed that by stencilling using white paint and a stencil from Dutch Doobadoo with small flowers. 
I added the words We only have Moments in a grungy way and stamped on the words Time Flies several times as shown. They come from a rubber stamp designed by Rebekka Erickson for StampWorld.
I did lots of outlining with black and white markers and added some triangles using a handmade stencils.

It's unlikely that I will do spreads for every fortnightly prompt from Wanderlust but at the moment there is time (oh yes!) as I'm sort of hibernating. It's yet again very icy out there and although I could certainly make my way out of the lane should it be necessary, there is no need to do so unless I want to, so instead I'm hiding away cosily in the studio, stitching away and doing my online classes. Rain is forecast later on and perhaps all the snow and ice will have vanished by tomorrow. I love the winter months for the increase in productivity they bring and yet on the other hand I long for spring! If only for more light. And of course, the sun!!


Linda Kunsman said...

This is a great spread Frieda! I usually gesso all my pages in art journals unless it's one with watercolor paper. I do agree with your thoughts on winter and spring at the end:)

Muriel said...

The colour combination in this spread is lovely. The whole image has a very light feel, dare I say Spring-like?!?


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