Thursday, 7 January 2016

Secrets and Lies

It's hard to find something to photograph other than my art at the moment. The days are unrelentingly grey and dark, as well as wet. The dog walk this morning was particularly grim and I have the feeling not even the dog enjoyed it. I promised some time ago not to apologize for featuring art here. It is after all what I do. But I myself am longing for a day that is light and sunny so that I can take the camera for an outing. In the meantime this is another of my daily collages.
The series started off with 30 collages which were done in the space of 30 days in a 5 x 8" Moleskine journal. Now I no longer do them every day, just when the mood strikes as I'm sitting down at my worktable in the mornings. Sometimes I also journal about what I have made in order to engage in a dialogue with my work to discover what it is trying to tell me.


Linda Kunsman said...

How befitting to have a big umbrella and a sad looking little girl considering the bout of weather you are having. Hope the sun shines real soon.

peggy gatto said...

Very clever idea and beautifully done!!!


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