Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Snow is Back

We woke to an inch or so of snow. It's hard to tell exactly how much it was as due to the continued presence of Gertrude it has been drifting so in some areas there is barely any snow and in others it came half way up my boots. I was propelled along the railway path with an icy hand on my back and coming back, had to battle against the wind in my face. Neither was very pleasant, but as always I enjoyed seeing the world in white.
 Since then there have been more snow storms passing over and so far there hasn't been any traffic in the little lane and no snowplough/gritter so far. Fingers crossed we won't be forgotten which tends to happen if there is a lot of snow on the main roads to get on with.
Finally a word to those of you who follow my blog. If you don't have a Google account you will no longer get notified of new posts and have been removed from my Followers list. Nothing to do with me, I hasten to add, but a unilateral decision by Google. You can read about it here. So sorry about that. To help with this I have added the Follow by Email possibility and you can find it towards the top of the sidebar on the right. That way you get an e-mail every time I add a new post. And this is also a good opportunity for me to say THANK YOU to all who read my posts!

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