Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Butterflies of Winter

How lovely to think of snowflakes as the butterflies of winter! And many butterflies have landed here making for a stunningly white world. First thing this morning it was like walking on feathers that both whispered and crunched. No footsteps or animal tracks were in sight. All was white and very still.
 Snow transforms everything outside and all of a sudden the whole world looks different and more beautiful.
  Textures are revealed.
When we came back from the usual dog walk I couldn't resist the temptation to wander along the lane and by that time a snow plough had been through disturbing the immaculate whiteness. A bit of a shame visually speaking but it means we can make our way to the outside world if we want to.
Not sure what the cows made of it all! Their shed is very close and they could have stayed inside but perhaps they too were enjoying playing in the snow.
This line of beach trees in the neighbouring field remains a favourite in all weathers but most specially in these conditions. By chance I had posted a photograph of them, taken in 2010, on Facebook yesterday for #challengeonnaturephotography, and I took very much the same picture today but in the end decided I liked this view of them even more.

1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

hat beautiful, beautiful scenery! I love the thought of the butterflies of winter. Thanks for sharing.
PS even though I hate the cold of the winter season I still think a snowfall is magical.


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