Monday, 8 February 2016

Without Hesitation

Hearts are THE motif for this week ending in Valentine's Day on Sunday and it seems to be reflected in the themes on the various online groups. The Documented Life Project 2016's February theme is: Love without hesitation - taking the leap while the art challenge is to incorporate thread or floss.

I started with a painted background and used one stencil for all the stencilling I did on it. It is the Swirly Floral one. It's very versatile and there are little whirligigs (as I call them) hidden within the stencil. I found a very suitable quotation by Robyn O'Brien that reads: "Your power comes when you love without hesitation".

That determined the images I selected for this page and collaged on as shown. Love got a mention three times and also fulfilled the requirement for thread as the paper love words were stitched onto a hand painted fabric which was in turn glued onto the spread using matte medium.

I shouldn't say this because you wouldn't know anyway simply seeing the photographs here but this spread is upside down in my 8 x 8" Dylusions journal. There is always at least one in all my journals. You would have thought I might have learned that lesson by now, but no! When working away on the pages I seem to forget about checking that little detail.


Maggi said...

Poor upside spread! lol It's awesome though, love the bright colors and the quote!

peggy gatto said...

As usual your color sense is wonderful!!!


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