Monday, 28 March 2016

White Space

So happy I managed to finish this spread in time before I'm going away so that all the decks are cleared in my studio. I don't really like to return to a state of chaos there, and for once the place is reasonably organized and all projects are up to date.

This is the last time we will use the March theme for The Documented Life Project 2016 which was: Seeking Treasure - finding value in the small things. Our art challenge this week was: celebrate white space. 

I started with the background for which I used quite subdued colours (for me) as I felt it was about time some of those paints got an outing. I also used two stencils for that background: the large stencil from the August 2014 Stencilgirl Club and the medium one from March 2015.

I also added rubber stamping with 2 different stamps: the Amonite from Stampotique, designed by France Papillon, and a text stamp about art from Stampers Anonymous. I also added black rub-ons and stars. Once the entire spread was fully dry I used the grid stencils from Stencilgirl to mark out squares in different sizes on the pages and then filled in the remaining space with white gesso. Again it's a good idea to let this dry completely before outlining the squares again with black markers.

The final touch was the quotation which I think originates with someone called Paul Biedermann: "negative space is the audible silence of the visual world; never diminish the importance of white space". I feel this is true of life as well as art. We all need white space in order to take a breather.

Finally I also wanted to let you know that I probably won't be here as regularly as normal this coming week. I have no idea how much internet/wifi I'll have on my journeys (there is a hint of my destination on these pages)  but I do know that I don't want to spend time online when I could be out enjoying myself so you might get pictures here or you might not. If not, I will of course share some images with you when I get back. You may also get quick posts with just pictures and no writing. To sum up, my online presence will be sporadic or even non-existent while I'm having fun.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Have FUN! Love this different spread :)

betsy said...

Beautiful! Enjoy your time off.

anna said...

Love it, Frieda! Enjoy your vacay! :)

Linda Kunsman said...

well done Frieda! I must say that if I had seen this spread somewhere other than here on your blog I would never have guessed it was by you:)

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Have fun on your travels. Looking forward to seeing what happens when you get back


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