Saturday, 16 April 2016

Colour in Dawyck

Today was my first visit to Dawyck Botanical Gardens since early March and much had changed in the intervening period. The snowdrops have gone and it's time for the daffodils although most of them weren't fully out yet.
But fortunately the early rhododendrons are and putting on a very good show. As you can see the flowers were adorned with raindrops or rather the overnight frost which was thawing. Yesterday afternoon/evening snow was falling but this morning there was sunshine which sadly didn't last very long before dark clouds moved in.
It was pleasing to note that my feet are completely back to normal although I had taken precautions and clad them in socks as well as my favourite walking boots. As I was walking I was reflecting on how we tend to appreciate the new and strange (to us) environment (I had in mind Central Park) while paying far less attention when we are in familiar and known territory (such as Dawyck), and I tried to see it with fresh eyes.
I was also equipped with my large Canon camera rather than the iPhone to take pictures with and this meant I could capture these elusive pheasants. Specially the hen is very skittish. The zoom lens makes this a lot easier though I was very impressed with the quality of the iPhone pics I took in New York. The large camera would have been a nuisance to carry around so I'm not sorry I left it behind but I loved having it to hand today.  It's also pretty good at close-up photography as seen below.

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