Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dream Fabric

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and putting away all my beautiful New York buys. Before I store this fabric though I just had to share it here. I bought it at B&J Fabrics and it's a polyester satin. I was just blown away by it's beauty and although originally I only wanted to get 1/2 yard I caved into an entire yard. I'm not going to share how much it costs but to me it was worth every penny. They ship worldwide so you can check out their fabric selection yourself here. However there is just nothing like seeing the fabric in person and finding your favourite.


peggy gatto said...

Coming home with memories is the best part of the trip!
Lovely fabric, looks like a painting

Linda Kunsman said...

I can surely see why you had to have a yard of this fabric-it is so you and the pattern of flowing colors is gorgeous!

Pink Bicycle Girl said...

Oh this is gorgeous. Did you take an extra suitcase? Were there lots of fabric etc shops and which were the best?


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