Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Live in Colour

We are still reaching for rainbows on The Documented Life Project 2016 as our April theme, while the art challenge this week is: fill your art with numbers.

For this week I have used small pots of craft paint that are all very transparent and of course I selected all the colours of the rainbow to use. I also grabbed the medium stencil (with numbers) of the December 2015 Stencilgirl Club. I  rubber stamped (in red) using the numbers part of a PaperArtsy stamp set designed by Everything-Art (the organizers of the Wanderlust class).

I then added collage in the form of the colourful beach huts as well as the dancing figure, and the postage stamp with numbers on it. It's a Dutch one and orange so rather appropriate.

The quotation: "Be like a rainbow, live in colour" was cobbled together containing letters from a variety of sources including the Flow magazine. I didn't like the variety in colours of the word COLOUR so painted them with pink.

There is still one more week to go with this theme and I'm rapidly running out of rainbow quotations!

1 comment:

Cecile said...

Dear Frieda, thank you for explaining how you went about to create this beautiful piece of art! For quite some time I have been admiring your works, and I want to say thank you for the positive energy it carries.


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