Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Ramsay Monument Quilt

As promised I'm returning to The Ramsay Monument quilt that won the 1st Prize in the Modern Quilt Section at the British Quilt and Stitch Village show back in April. The quilt itself has returned home together with it's trophy and I'm now contemplating where to send it next. 

It all started with a photograph I took of the Ramsay Monument as a silhouette against the sky. The monument is part of the nearby Penicuik Estate and is dedicated to the Scottish poet Allan Ramsay. I really liked it as a pattern and have so far made two quilts using it. This is the first one. The fabrics used come from The Linen Cupboard collection produced by Ella Blue, an Australian fabric manufacturer. I used every fabric in the collection.
 The quilt was machine pieced, raw edge appliqued and hand quilted as you can see in these details. It is embellished by hand with beads and buttons. Most of the buttons are vintage.
In due course I will also share the other quilt I made using the identical pattern with you. It uses completely different fabrics and as a result looks very different from this one.

I have done this before: using one pattern (always designed by me) and see what effect the use of different fabrics has on the end result. Not sure yet if there is a 3rd quilt possibility for this particular monument pattern but sometimes the inspiration for a new piece of work comes a long time after I thought I was finished with it.


peggy gatto said...

You astound and inspire!

Linda Kunsman said...

that great building is wonderful inspiration and I LOVE the quilt! Those fabrics, along with your design and stitching is awesome!


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