Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I'm always very much looking forward to my monthly Stencilgirl project, where I share a spread with you made specially as part of my role of Stencilgirl Guest Designer. It also means that there is a full step-by-step tutorial for these pages on the Stencilgirl Talk website and for this project that post can be found here. I am often asked how I make my pages and I usually say something about that when I post them but the much more in-depth information can be found in those Stencilgirl tutorials. Lots of info there, and not just about how I work but about all kinds of working methods by their designers.
These pages (done in the A4 Dylusions art journal) used the February 2016 Club stencils as well as one from the October 2014 Club. Remember that even if you aren't a club member yet you can still obtain these stencils by joining the club and back ordering them. I have to tell you that I look forward so much every month to seeing what our new club stencils will look like and then when they land here in Scotland it's like getting a monthly present. You also get access to demonstration videos and PDFs once you're in the club. 
This spread has a lot of rectangular squares and lines in it, probably as a result of my many pictures of windows and buildings during my New York visit, although biking in New York is not on my wish list! There are just too many cars about moving at a relentless speed. Nevertheless we did see people biking around but rather them than us
Hope you enjoy these pages in one of my favourite colour combinations: red, white and blue. The colours not just of the British flag, but also the Dutch one and very appropriately the American one too.


peggy gatto said...

layering is so important and you do it so well! Love the girl, charming!!

Linda Kunsman said...

love the cyclist! Super layers and colors Frieda.


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