Saturday, 25 June 2016

Begin Again

This page looks ominously topical but it was made last Saturday the 18th June for The Documented Life Project 2016. Our June theme remains: Unravelling the past - embracing new beginnings. The art challenge instructed us to use tissue paper. Did I subconsciously expect what the UK would do on Thursday? Yes, even on a conscious level I had a strong feeling it might happen. And now that it has, there is only one way to go: to begin again. Although to do it fearlessly would be extremely foolhardy.

There now, no more politics on this blog, I promise. And it will be an easy promise to keep as I myself will try and not pay any more attention to events in order to safeguard my sanity. Art, beauty and flowers will be the order of the day.

For this spread I started using L435 Ancient Marks from Stencilgirl, as well as S372 Brick Factory. This last one has become a favourite since it arrived about a week ago and you have seen it used in other spreads already.

Then I added the required tissue paper in the shape of Tim Holtz's tissue wrap. This one is called Postale.
The spread (in the 8 x 8" Dylusions art journal) needed a focal point and I found this on the S288 Pretty as a Peacock stencil. I used black Liquitex ink spray to apply her.

I wrote down some quotation about our new beginnings theme that seemed appropriate. Here they are: "Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again", "The obstacles of your past can become the gateways to new beginnings" ( Ralph Blum) and "Don't let your past dictate who you are but let it be a part of who you will become".  We can but hope!

Finally I stencilled on the large words as shown from L258 Uplifting Words stencil and outlined them with a white permanent marker. This spread is uploaded just in time as the new prompt will appear this afternoon although we will still be sticking with the June theme. Time to gesso a new spread in the journal so that I can start as soon as it is posted online.


Dawn C. said...

This is inspirational, full of color and hope.

anna said...



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