Friday, 24 June 2016

A Surreal World

I'm far from sure that the message on the façade of the Modern One gallery in Edinburgh (Everything is going to be alright)  is true today. On this very unreal feeling day I went to see the Surreal Encounters exhibition held there (highly recommended, and open till September 11). I could never have imagined that I would engage in a conversation with a complete stranger about how grateful we were to be childless so that neither he nor I would have to worry about any future generations on a day when this country I love, made the biggest mistake of it's life.
Personally, as a migrant,  I felt the decision to leave the European Union as a slap in the face, but my heart bleeds specially for friends who moved to various European countries as well as for those Europeans who moved to the UK but retained their own nationalities. They face an uncertain future. But then so do we all.

Art is always my salvation in difficult times and I take strength from the words of Andre Breton (a leading Surrealist):"Let us not mince words. The marvellous is always beautiful, anything marvellous is beautiful. In fact, only the marvellous is beautiful".  We can still enjoy beauty as much as we could yesterday.

I will grab some paint and make art, read a good book and have a (European) glass of wine. Life goes on, even though it will not be as we knew it.

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