Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dancing Daisies

Not much text in the past few days because of our wonderfully sunny weather. I made a decision back in April on the first sunny day this year that no sunny day should be wasted behind a computer screen or indoors and this is one resolution I intend to stick to! So today I had a great time in the garden contemplating the daisies, and also, it has to be admitted, doing some lovely hand stitching in the sun!.


SheilasEmbroidery said...

Daisies are a sure sign that summer is not far away. However, here on the NE coast it was freezing yesterday morning and while Scotland, and I assume the Borders, was basking in sunshine we had to wait until after lunch to see it.

Dawn C. said...

Your sunny day looks beautiful. Here in Phoenix, Arizona USA we've had an unbelievable, horrible amount of sun and very hot weather. Although, as they say, it is a dry heat, but 116 F is just way too hot for me. I've been going outside only when it's dark :)


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