Friday, 3 June 2016

My Eyes

The problem with waiting to upload my spreads in the art journal is that after a few days I lose track of how I made them! These pages were made for The Documented Life Project 2016 where the theme last Saturday was still the May one: A Look through my Eyes - gaining new perspective. The art challenge was to play with a stamp. I took that to heart and played with many stamps.

Before that though I made the background using acrylic paints and the L265 Flowers, Pomegranates and Leaves stencil from Stencilgirl. To that I added glued on imagery from a paper napkin with flowers and some vintage sheet music text.

Then I started stamping as you can see with masked figures, little circular images, eyes as well as the word JOY. I  added the quotation "What is this life....." as well.  I also used some foam stamps which I have had for ages and which I think came from a home decorating store.

I knew I had the eyes image (from a fashion magazine) in my stash and they proved to be just what I needed for this spread, just like the mask I added on the left hand page. I spend some time in the winter evenings cutting all kinds of things that attract me from a variety of magazines. I admit that I buy some magazines just for the sole purpose of using them for collage?!

I stencilled with my large circular sequin waste using white and then added the stamped quotation which was done onto vintage paper, torn out and glued on. The spread was made last weekend but the words were oh so appropriate for this entire sunny week.


Linda Kunsman said...

love these pages and quote!

anna said...

So so good! I wanna be just like you when I grow up! :)

Dawn C. said...

This is a lovely page. This is a good reminder to be grateful for the everyday things I often take for granted!


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