Saturday, 11 June 2016

Mini Mini #2

This is my second mini mini quilt sized 6" square (or 15 cm) made for the challenge issued by Modern Make, an Australian magazine about modern quilting.
 I am loving making these small finished quilts. This one even has a real binding rather than a Bondawebbed one. Why is it, however, that far from making a few and entering them for the challenge (which will end on the 20th June), I suddenly have a notion that it would be such a great idea to make 100?!! Who knows if I'll get there and I'm not putting any time limits on when this should be achieved but it will be a great design challenge and it makes me happy just thinking of them all.
So you will hear and see more of these. I'm also putting them on Instagram under the hashtag #friedaminimini. Here you can find them under the label minimini.

This one is machine quilted (using the matchstick pattern), raw edged appliqued with hand stitching, and hand beaded.

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