Monday, 20 June 2016

New York Memories

The latest issue of the British Patchwork & Quilting magazine is out (Issue 270 July 2016) and in it is the article I wrote for them about our wonderful trip to New York back in April.  Most of the pictures shown are also by me. This magazine ran the Stars and Stripes competition to celebrate their 30th anniversary which I won and the New York tour was my prize. 
It's great to look back on what we did and saw during our time in NY and remember the fantastic time we had. I hope to revisit this amazing city again some time soon.
In the same issue you will also find an article, written by Joanne Kent, the editor of the magazine who was on the trip with us, about our visit to the Brooklyn Quilters Exhibition, held in no less a place than the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel. They do their quilt shows in style over there!

And finally to top up the joy you can also see my small quilt La Linea d'oro as part of the review in the magazine of the Quilts UK show held in Malvern a few weeks back where this quilt won the Small Wallhangings section.

Definitely an issue to treasure!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

So wonderful Frieda that you wrote the article and it includes your photographs & all the memories too, what a treasure! Plus of course the beautiful quilt that got you there!!

Linda Kunsman said...

that is so awesome Frieda, and it has me even more honored to have some of your works in my collection! Next time you are planning a trip to the US -PLEASE let me know and perhaps we might finally meet in person:)

peggy gatto said...

Desrves another comment from me, you rock!


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