Thursday, 23 June 2016

Passionate about Art

Wanderlust 2016 provides us with 2 prompts each month for our "Wanderlust Book". In my case that book is a Vintage Vanity Art Journal in which each page is sized 5 x 7". It has those large rings to bind it. I mentioned here before that at first I couldn't get to grips with either the small size or those rings but I have since changed my mind. I love how those rings are starting to look now that they are covered with paint and the small size seems to encourage me to experiment more.

The first prompt for June was: "What I am passionate about". Not a question I had to think too long about because of course I'm passionate about my art. And all art.

So I grabbed some paints as well as some Stencilgirl stencils (S376 Hash marks and S372 Brick Factory) and  and started to play. I added Tim Holtz tissue wrap to the mix as well as some pieces of one of my underpapers.

I also used rubber stamps. The big art word comes from a stamp from ARTspecially, whereas the "I am my art" was found on an old stamp sheet produced by Lenna Andrews, back in the days! I'm not quite sure were the Ars Longa Vita Brevis originated. The heart came from a paper napkin.

As per usual I went mad with the various layers and I love the end result. And I'm also loving the way this little art journal is starting to look now that the pages are filling up. I have already done the spread for the next June prompt and I hope to share it with you very soon.

It's a good complaint to have but I'm having trouble keeping up with the art I'm making here on the blog.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Beautiful colors, layers, art!! I have trouble keeping up with you and your creations!! But as you said it'should a good thing and fun too. So glad that stamp I made some 14 years ago found its way into your yummy wanderlust notebook. I know what you are talking about with the wire rings...I had a journal a few years ago like that and I too enjoyed the paint it picked up!! xo

Linda Kunsman said...

really fabulous pages! I still use my "Lenna" stamps:):) And I also love using the spiral bound journals. This really could have been a page I would have made too... of art and passion:)

Dawn C. said...

This is a beautiful page. I like the bright layers, and how you have your focal point at the upper left corner, off center. You do a good job of balancing the strong black with a visual triangle. The topic is fantastic. As my husband says, never get rid of a tool. Your use of an older stamp is justification for me to keep all of my stuff in the messy craft room of mine :)


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