Saturday, 23 July 2016

Minimini 10

Minimini 10 temporarily got lost on my work desk and I only discovered again this morning while working on no. 11. I've pictured it here in among Rosa Albertine and Paul's Himalyan Musk to show the scale. It's 6" or 15 cm square.

You will know by now that I'm aiming to make 100 of these small pieces and then put them together into one large piece but that moment is still some time away! For the moment I'm simply enjoying thinking of a design for each one and making them. 
These are photographs also discovered again today on my camera although they were taken on our one tropically hot day here in Scotland last Tuesday. I sat outside till very late basking in the sunshine and the lovely views from the bench underneath the tree that is my favourite place to while away the hours.

1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

I almost missed another of your brilliant quilt squares. Glad I caught it along with the beautiful scenic shots. I can just picture you there and taking it all in.


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