Thursday, 18 August 2016


There were some hectic days at the beginning of this week. I even got up an hour earlier yesterday to try and fit it all in. These pages were made at the weekend and finally there is time to share them here. The prompt this week on Colour Me Positive was: Possible. There didn't seem to be an art challenge so I just did my own thing. I'm not 100% sure I do indeed think that: "Everything is Possible. Nothing is Impossible", but one can always try!
I started with a collaged background which is now barely visible but I like the way some bits of vintage text and maps peek through the layers. I also collaged on some deli paper stencilled with the  L301 Circles Circles stencil, a particular favourite of mine. Once the collage was done I added colour with paints and two stencils. Both were from the Stencilgirl Club: the large one from the May 2016 Mary Mary Quite Contrary set, as well as the small one from the July 2014 Let's Get Cellular.

I found the image of the chair carrying figure in one of my Dutch magazines and she seemed to fit the Nothing is Impossible words.
The letters came from the newspaper on the day I made this spread with the O in the shape of a gold medal as the Olympics featured all over the papers.
 That made me want to refer to them too and I did so in the shape of the above Hungarian postage stamp. He echoed the figure perfectly with that weight lifting.
I did a lot of outlining with black and white markers on the pages, while the circles were surrounded with water soluble oil pastels.


peggy gatto said...

Beautiful pages (again) !

Muriel said...

Those turquoises and oranges really sing!

Linda Kunsman said...

lots of wonderful movement on these pages!


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