Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pattern Play

My latest project for Stencilgirl Products is also my latest contribution for the Sketchbook Project. For those of you unaware of this project the idea is that you buy one of their sketchbooks (sized 5 x 7"), select a theme and fill it however you want and return it to them. They will also digitalize your sketchbook if you pay for that option. You can see all my previous sketchbooks for the project here. The sketchbook itself becomes part of the Brooklyn Art Library and goes on tour to various venues. Sadly the Library was in the process of moving while I was in New York in April so it wasn't possible to pay a visit but I hope to get there one day!

I choose Design Patterns as my theme and the sketchbook is called Pattern Play.
Page 1
There are full step-by-step instruction on how I made all the pages and put the sketchbook together again after taking it apart on the Stencilgirl Talk site today. This was necessary as all the pages were produced using the gelli plate and a selection of Stencilgirl stencils. For the full list go to the site but I recommend that you use those Stencilgirl stencils you love most if you want to undertake a similar project. The pages would look totally different.
The paper in the sketchbook provided is quite thin which can be a problem for some techniques but it proved to be ideal for gelli plate printing. Once both sides of all the pages were done I had a most enjoyable time putting it all back together and deciding which pages went well together.
 I added text and quotation to all the spreads as well as some of my beloved postage stamps.

This was such a fun project to work on and I'm quite pleased with the results. The sketchbook will now be wrapped up and will be winging it's way back to Brooklyn Art Library very soon. I only wish I do hand deliver it in person!


peggy gatto said...

I am so inspired by your joyful and beautiful coloring and designing! Wonderful books!!!

Muriel said...

Wonderful spreads, as always, full of colour and pattern. A book to delight the soul!

Muriel said...

Wonderful spreads, as always, full of colour and pattern. A book to delight the soul!

Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous pattern play book and pages Frieda!! What a shame you were so close to visiting the library when you were here in the must come again:)
(playing catch up now that vacation is over...)


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